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Expert knowledge since 1968

50 years competent mould making - since 1968


HZ FbZ Formenbau Züttlingen GmbH is a renowned, up-and-coming company with the business segments development, CAD / design, manufacturing and modifications of large-scale injection moulding and pressing tools (5 to 120 tonnes) for the production of serial parts, mainly for the automotive industry sector.

We also offer injection mould tryouts / samplings as well as 1or 2 components small series productions (10 g to 12 kg) on our 4 injection moulding machines and in addition we offer services and wage labour from our sector.


Foundation of a separate mould making department at August Läpple AG in Heilbronn.


January: Läpple Formenbau GmbH founded in Züttlingen as 100% subsidiary of Läpple Holdings AG.


December: FBZ Formenbau Züttlingen GmbH established as an independent company.


April: Establishment of HZ FbZ Formenbau Züttlingen GmbH as subsidary of Huazhong In-Vehicle Holdings Company Limited, China (www.cn-huazhong.com).